• Northvale Public School
    8140 Student Enrollments
    R8140 Enrollment Accounting
    8210 School Year
    8220 School Day 
    8310 Public Records R8310
    8320 Personnel Records R8320
    8330 Pupil Records R8330
    8350 Records Retention
    8420 Emergency and Crisis Situation
    R8420 Emergency and Non-Fire Evacuation Plan
    R8420.1 Fire and Fire Drills
    R8420.2 Bomb Threats
    R8420.3 Natural Disasters and Man-Made Catastrophes
    R8420.4 Kidnapping
    R8420.5 Asbestos Release
    R8420.6 Accidents to and From School
    R8420.7 Lockdown Procedures
    R8420.10 Active Shooter
    8431 Preparedness for Toxic Hazard R8431
    8441 Care of Injured and Ill Persons R8441
    8442 Reporting Accidents
    8451 Control of Communicable Disease R8451
    8453 HIV/AIDS
    8454 Management of Pediculosis
    8461 Reporting Violence, Vandalism, Harassment, Intimidation, Bully, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse R8461
    8462 Reporting Potentially Missing or Abused Children R8462
    8465 Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents in Schools R8465
    8467 Weapons R8467
    8468 Crisis Response R8468
    8468.1 School Clearance Following Crisis Situation
    8470 Response to Concerted Job Action
    8500 Food Services
    8505 Nutrition
    8600 Transportation R8600
    8601 Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal
    8630 Bus Driver/Bus Aide Responsibility 
    R8630 Emergency School Bus Procedures
    8651 Community Use of Transportation
    8670 Transportation of Disabled Pupils
    8710 Property Insurance
    8740 Bonding
    8750 Employee Indemnification
    8760 Student Accident Insurance
    8810 Religious Holidays
    8820 Opening Exercises
    8860 Memorials
Last Modified on January 13, 2022