• Northvale Public School
    4111 Creating Positions
    4112 Abolishing a Position
    4124 Employment Contract
    4125 Employment of Support Staff Members
    4130 Assignment and Transfer
    4140 Termination
    4145 Layoffs
    4146 Nonrenewal of Nontenured Support Staff Member R4146
    4150 Discipline R4150
    4152 Withholding an Increment
    4159 Support Staff Member/School District Reporting Responsibilities
    4160 Physical Examination R4160
    4161 Examination for Cause
    4212 Support Staff Attendance R4212
    4213 Gifts to School Personnel
    4214 Staff Dress and Grooming
    4215 Code of Ethics
    4218 Substance Abuse R4218
    4219 Commercial Driver Controlled Substances and Alcohol use testing
    4220 Employee Evaluation R4220
    4230 Outside Activities R4230
    4233 Political Activities R4233
    4240 Employee Training R4240 
    4281 Inappropriate Staff Conduct R4281
    4282 Use of Social Networking Sites (Support Staff)
    4283 Electronic Communications Between Support Staff Members and Students
    4321 Acceptable use of Computer Network(s) /Computers and Resources by Support Staff Members R4321
    4322 Support Staff Member's Use of Cellular Telephones/Other Communication Devices
    4324 Support Staff Members Right to Privacy
    4340 Grievance
    4352 Sexual Harassment R4352
    4360 Support Staff Member Tenure
    4425 Work Related Disability Pay
    4431.1 Family Leave
    4431.3 New Jersey's Family Leave Insurance Program - Support Staff
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