• Northvale Public School
    Table of Contents 1000
    1100 District Organization
    1110 Organizational Chart
    1120 Management Team
    1140 Affirmative Action Program
    1220 Employment of Superintendent
    1230 Superintendent's Duties
    1240 Evaluation of Superintendent R1240 
    1310 Employment of School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    1320 Duties of School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    1330 Evaluation of School Business Administrator R1330
    1331 Evaluation of the Board Secretary
    1400 Job Descriptions R1400
    1510 Rights of Persons With Handicaps or Disabilities/Policy on Non-Discrimination R1510
    1523 Comprehensive Equity Plan 
    1530 Equal Employment Opportunity R1530
    1540 Administrator`s Code of Ethics
    1550 Affirmative Action Program for Employment and Contract Practices/Employment Practices Plan R1550
    1570 Internal Controls R1570
    1581  Victim of Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave
    1613 Disclosure and Review of Applicant's Employee History R1613
    1620 Administrative Employment Contracts
    1631 Residency Requirement for Person Holding School Employment
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